It’s all about a journey.


We decided to fly thousands of kilometers away from our country of origin to reconnect to our inner Self, to learn about ourselves and to understand why life choose us to be part of the 5 to 8 percent worldwide lucky holders of autoimmune diseases.




It’s all about being a lucky holder.

Lucky holder? Sounds contradictory, right? Unlike western medicine tend to define autoimmune disease as a dead end, we truly believe the autoimmune disease isn’t. The autoimmune disease is a message from the Speaking body to the entire self. The kind of message you'd better listen to before it's too late. This message, our Speaking body started to send it already nine years ago for one of us and for the other one it was six years ago. We didn't realise so far what the Speaking body was trying to show us. But last year, we started to understand the famous quote of one of our ancestors:


"The only thing we know is that we know nothing" - Socrates or Plato (depending on who tells History...)


And the only thing we felt, was, that something was going wrong. Since then, we started to take this autoimmune condition as an opportunity to start listening again to our Speaking body - which was more shouting at us since the last years - and we discovered that we totally lost the connexion between the mind and the body.




It’s all about discoveries.

You could think it seems a bit easy, but the impact of this discovery led us to a whole other perception of what was happening in our life. In the meantime, because both of us are inquisitive people, we started exploring ourselves but not only. We also went through a lot of documentation (going in all direction from ancestral practices such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, meditation, energy healing methods to western medicine were we also did some exciting discoveries)  and we started to witness different point of views on this “sudden” change which appears in the immune system. We came more and more to that conclusion that there is an active link between the mind and the body.



It’s all about realizations. 

One of the significant realizations we did about ourselves is that we had a firm belief.  We had the firm belief that we could control all the events happening in our lives. And with this strong belief, little by little, we started developing the idea that the Speaking body could be controlled as well. This was one of the biggest lies ever, we could have taught ourselves. This was the beginning of a fight between our mind and our body.

In this battle, we can easily understand that there is not going to be a winner. Instead, we started to sink more and more in misery and suffering.

Another realization was about those same events happening in our lives. They were nothing more than opportunities that life put in our path. We understood later on that everything is there for a reason, we’re just on the part of a “not - known - yet” process. We have to be patient. Life will show us quickly enough what’s the purpose.

Having no control over the things which are happening is the best gift life is offering to all of us each second of each day. Life is such a surprising path.


Today, we keep reminding it to ourselves, and as soon as we start predicting too much, we now know that we're actually using the track leading to dissatisfaction. One day, an adorable teacher, told us an inspiring quote:


“Until you haven’t learned the lesson, life isn’t stopping giving you exercises.” - Claudine Rubiella


What we learned, by observing the events which are occurring in our lives, is, that those exercises that life puts on our way every single day are real opportunities, no matter their nature. They can be positive or negative. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is what you have experienced and what you are going to learn from it.




Finally, it’s all about personal experiences.

To make the long story short, we experienced the medical corpus in a really different way when we got to know about our first diagnose. But still, the thing we experienced in common was a lack of listening. Listening to our real being and to the story which was related to our body. Today we are thanking our Speaking bodies.

Because of them, we started to shut more and more our controlling mind and become more Wide Awake to the world we are leaving in, to our health and to what our bodies need the most.
Since we started to go to school, we've been taught, be septic, don’t believe everything that is told to you.


Thanks to our Speaking bodies, we started to be Wide Awake to the fact that we were more listening outside of ourselves than inside. With this understanding, we began to question again everything that has been taught to us. Indeed, why should it be only the things out of the box that has to be challenged and not also the “truths” inside of the box? By questioning, our life and all the agreements we did with ourselves, we opened our eyes to other perspectives, other teachings, and other medicines. All this led us to a better understanding of what is happening inside of ourselves. 



Thank you Speaking body, for those lessons. Now, it's time to share with you what we've learned!




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