No nasty sugars, no flavors?

Here, a little grocery list of the best natural sweeteners you can choose instead of the nasty refined sugars, next time you go shopping.

But, to make it clear directly, this doesn't mean that now that you've found healthy sweeteners, you can just go for it and not care about the quantity you’ll be using. Some of these alternatives have still high glycemic index, so try to use them with moderation🙊

The advantage of these natural sweeteners, is, that they are so INTENSE in taste that they will directly give the sweet taste you want for your delicious recipes!

And as we know already, but we sometimes tend to forget: too much is TOO much.

So first thing to remember, no need to use any of these refined sugars ever again, as there are MANY healthy and tasteful ways to replace it.

Sugar beet
Back to Basics: The raw, unrefined and unprocessed Sugar Beet.

Try fruits, dry fruits and fruit sauces

For granola’s, pancakes, smoothies, cookies, brownies, cakes, etc.

THINK dried cranberries, raisins, dates, apricots, figs, etc.

There are sweet and with a certain glycemic index of course, so don’t abuse them but at least they’ll give some sweet taste to your smoothies, dough, granola mix and other preps without adding any nasty sugars.


  • mashed bananas

  • dates paste and raisins paste

DIY : Soak the dates or raisins for two hours in water. Keep the water aside and mix the dates or raisins in a food processor adding little by little some of the water you've kept aside until you reach the suitable consistency for your paste. There you go ! If you like it you can add a pinch of vanilla extract or cinnamon to add more flavor.

  • Apple sauce

DIY: Choose preferably sweet apples, peel them and cut them into 3 cm cubes. Add some cinnamon, I usually put a bit of coconut oil to avoid that the bottom sticks and burn. On low heat, I usually leave it to cook for 20 minutes (depends on the quantity of apples). The more you let it cook the more the natural sugar of the apple is going to come out and give a natural caramelized taste. No need to add extra sugar and if really, you're willing to have a bit more of sweetness add a teaspoon of maple syrup.

  • Apricot sauce, Prune sauce, Pear sauce and even mashed Pumpkin

DIY : Exactly the same process as for apple sauce, but count more 40 minutes as cooking time (even sometimes one hour for the pumpkin). Of course, it’s still depending on quantity, so keep an eye on it !!