Vipassana Meditation Centers


We've already told you about the Vipassana meditation, now it's time to give you all the practical informations for you to try your first 10 days meditation retreat. 

The most important, the website.

Where can you do a 10 days meditation ? 

All over the world. There are many centers in India, but also throughout Asia/Pacific, in North America, in Latin America, in Europe, in Australia/New Zealand, in the Middle East and in Africa. 

When ? 

Each center has its own schedule of courses. In most cases, you will have to apply online to get your admission to these courses. We would highly recommend you to check the schedule in advance. In Europe, the meditation retreats tend to be fully booked very quickly after they've opened the inscriptions. Same for Australia. To avoid to miss out the opportunity, we would simply suggest you to apply at least 6 months before for those regions. In Asia and India, from what we've experienced and heard so far, there are so many centers that it makes it more easy to get in. But still, don't miss the opportunity, apply at least one month before. 

For whom ? 

Vipassana is for everyone. And this is not a cheeky way to say it, check out their website; they're even organising special programs for executives, prisoners [1] and children. 

A little introduction about the Vipassana meditation, just before the last one we did in Burma. 

[1] "Dhamma Brothers" from Jenny Phillips, 2007; is an interesting documentary about the effects of introducing a technique such as the Vipassana meditation on inmates from a maximum-security prison in Alabama.