Hello folks !


Time to announce the start of a series of hypnosis Ben (want to find more about Ben's work, here) will be giving during the following weeks.


The aim of this serie of free hypnosis is :

  • to give an opportunity to more people to work on themselves, decondition themselves from anxieties, pain, suffering, sadness, doubts and more globally on supporting their mind and bodies in these hard times we are facing all together at the moment.

  • to give people an opportunity to try hypnosis for themselves and let behind the bias they might have. To overcome the doubts which might be arising when wanting to start working with hypnosis. Nothing better to try it out first for yourself !


If you're curious, Ben explains in his introduction video that nothing special is required for these sessions besides giving it a fair trial and putting yourself in the best setting possible to receive this hypnosis. You are the one in charge of doing the work, so taking it seriously will allow you to more directly get the benefits out of it.


These sessions will happen every week on Wednesday at 8 pm CEST until end of June. Every week another language (ENG, DE, FR).


The link to the hypnosis session will be posted in the bio a few hours before the start of the event.


For now, no subscription required you just have to show up on time. After the 15min Q&A, no one will be able to join anymore.




20.00 Q&A

20.15 START of the hypnosis session

21.15 END of the session

So let's go lovely people, take the opportunity !


You already tried the free group hypnosis and now you're interested or curious to try out a one-to-one approach, go check out the rest of his work here: he also proposes one-to-one hypnosis sessions and a one-to-one coaching program.

You're feeling generous or tried an hypnosis and got amazing results ?


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