It’s been a while already since scientists have discovered the link between gut health and mental health. Unfortunately, the word hasn’t been spread enough amongst people.


First thing you should consider when wanting to improve your overall well-being is your gut health. An unhealthy gut leads to many, many problems. You aren’t probably even suspecting their might be connected.


A little non-exhaustive list of symptoms that you may experience when your belly is actually not in its best shape :


  • Upset stomach

  • Bloating, Gas

  • Unintentional weight changes

  • Sleep disturbance or constant fatigue

  • Skin irritation

  • Allergy, Eczema

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Food intolerances

  • Mood swings

  • Depression


"The microbes in the gut play a significant role in human body function. They are responsible for everyday functions, including digestion and the nutrient absorption, and gut health has a significant impact on mental health. This is known as the gut-brain connection. Research shows that there’s a connection between gut microbiota and mental health disorders like depression and chronic anxiety or stress." - Dr. Axe


Most of the time, we’re rushing to fix the symptoms (also using natural options) but often, without coming back to the root cause of the problem. This is a real issue. Think about it twice.


Symptoms aren’t bad. Symptoms are just body signals, it’s your body speaking to you, telling you there is something going wrong. Suppressing symptoms (even with natural remedies) is like hiding the warning sign on the road but still not fixing the whole on the road. It’s a total non-sense ! On the short term, it may lower the pain, provide some comfort or relief, give the impression the cause has been fixed as well. But the problems is, the body is really trying to make its best and continues taking in, pilling up more toxins, compensating the disfunctionning organs and we end up accumulating disfunctionning organs, systems within the body which on the long term may lead to disease and heavier problems !


Basically, we understood that the body as a huge resiliency but at some point he has it’s limit. The body is putting warning signs all over but if we are too numb to listen nothing will really change. When considering this gut-brain connection, work has to be done on both sides : gut and brain as both, are producing hormones and neurotransmitters to flood the whole body. A brain constantly triggered and producing too much stress hormones can irritate the gut on the long-term and stress reduction techniques or psychological work may help to lower the stress levels within the brain and therefore, within the gut and the whole body. But as we mentioned it, it’s not a one way high way. Information is circulating both ways between brain and gut and if you’re ingesting the wrong foods, in a way, you’re putting the same levels of stress on your gut which causes them to release in turn their stress hormones which causes you to feel mentally and physically stressed only because of something you ate.


And now, OK. I know. It is NOT easy AT ALL because our food chain has been transformed in such unhealthy production machine that it makes it harder to feed ourselves with proper healthy, nutrient-rich foods. The real food our beautiful belly is waiting for !!! I know, society sucks and brought on our plates (not all of us of course and luckily!) the worse food we can imagine ! And we are observing the consequences all this only now : the industrial agriculture revolution has been a disaster for human health and their well-being.


But here is a thought : time has come to spread the word and help ourselves overcome this crisis we are all in, and as ridiculous as it sounds it starts with our food ! 


When we will realise how much the mental health and well-being of our society depend on it, when we will be wide awake on how many health related problems we’re facing can be avoided via a healthy gut, we will have the full potential to change into a better version of ourselves. A more energised one, a more focused one, a more balanced one.


The aim of this page is to provide you with all the information related to GUT HEALTH in general.


"The key is to improve gut health, which will reduce systemic inflammation and improve mental health thanks to the gut-brain connection." - Dr. Axe