There's no ONE favourite diet. There is no ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL of us.


There is NO MAGICAL DIET that you can follow for the rest of your life exactly the same way everyday and will provide you with what you body need AND make you stay slim, fit and healthy. THAT'S A LIE.


That's the biggest lie society, social media are serving us on a Golden plate.


Please don't fall into the trick. Don't fall into the statement of you're born to be heavy or fat, either. There's is no such thing as being predestined to be heavy. There are of course some differences, in our metabolism and our body and mind constitution. But, we are feeding us with fake statement saying we might be predestined to be such way or such way. 

Our bodies are basically designed with the best features we could imagine to develop ourselves at our best. Nature is as such the ONLY perfect machinery we never could have thought and designed. We've never reached this level of perfection and we never will. Knowing this now, think about it twice when you jump on the next incredible diet you're hearing from ! The only rule you're supposed to follow is eating local and seasonal. Not only for the need of our planet and the principles of being eco-friendly. But, again, simply because Nature has done again her best job ! Making sure we've been provided with the right nutriments and vitamins regarding the environment we are living in. 

Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional European Medicine (TEM) and they're probably not the only ones... Have all in common the understanding that each person has his own metabolism and body constitution and that regarding those and the environment we live in, our bodies are looking more for certain specific foods. 

That's exactly where those diet are total non sense. One advice for a person might be the worse another person might do. There's no such thing as uniformisation and one simple easy quick solution. For all of us its a question of finding the right diet for ourselves. Not the one, others are advising you to follow because they got good results with it.

And now, I feel you already. Telling me : Well, that's a bad news because it makes me even more confused : what's the right diet for me then ?! That's where tools such as Ayurveda, TCM, TEM or more recently developed, Metabolic Typing, are different possible ways to adjust your diet to your actual body needs and help you :


- get more in tune with your body's response to food

- get more awake to how you feel after ingesting that food or that other

- get more conscious of how your mind feels after eating or drinking that type of ingredients

- get aware of that gut-brain connection and how foods are influencing how you feel

- understand the different energies of foods and that certain energies might be really counterproductive for you to take in !


To read more about Gut Health, here.



Example : If in the Ayurvedic system, your body and mind constitution carries more of a cold energy and you're feeding yourself with a lot of cold salad, cold drinks and heavy foods such as root vegetables, growing close to the ground vegetables thinking you're doing great because you're eating local and seasonal. Well you're actually putting your body's metabolism out of balance, creating toxins and accumulation (ama) in the body.

This is only one little example of the many "bad" things you might do, thinking you're actually doing well.

That's where when it comes to diet, you should always be really cautious and in tune with your body response.

You actually really feeling it when your body says yes to certain ingredients : It's clear, you feel this refreshing feeling of "Yeah ! That's what I needed thank you !". But again be careful, this might be tricky at the beginning as you might be ingesting since a while the wrong foods and, the toxins might have accumulated within the body and might cut you from you sense of what bad for you and start making you crave for bad stuff as well.

That's where these tools mentioned above and the detoxication programs they all propose are really helpful to get back in touch with a clear body response and a clear know-how of what's good for you or not.


So as final thought I'd like to finish with this idea : What about we leave behind all the misconceptions we have about diets, weight loss and weight gain ? What about we start to think about what it means to eat, what purpose is serving the food we eat ? And how can we fine tune our food to our body's needs regarding the environment we live in ?


Find down here all the information to start implementing the diet YOUR body need.

The ayurvedic test to find out about your mind and body constitution.

The "Debunk the Glands" step-by-step to help you make a little reset before starting with your right diet.